May 13, 2019

Positive Domme Part 2

I didn’t shave for over 3 days to make this seductive, mindfvck of an intense Hairy armpit Shave with your cum shot onto my armpit…. Can you handle listening to me as I sensually shave my hairy cum covered armpit..… PERFECT, DEVIANT FUN…
May 13, 2019

Shoe Sock & Feet of Femdom Part 3

You fantasize about my Super sweaty stinky gym shoes..socks…and of course feet!!! Its hilarious to me that you get off to this! You cannot resist! This is what turns you on and you CRAVE to fully release…you search for the perfect combination of absolute goddess, feet with high arches, soft soles, veiny feet and all my yummy wrinkles… Watch the PURE joy on my face from humiliating you and your pathetic obsession over my sweaty stinky feet…
May 13, 2019

Gym Stinky Feet Humiliation with JOI

This Goddesses Physique takes years to build and hours daily to upkeep. Grueling long gym sessions lead to some epic stinky feet. Not only do I show you being in the sauna so you can truly know this is a real stinky session. For your nasty fantasy of my pungent stinky feet!
May 13, 2019

Stinky Ass Spreading In Laundry Room

After todays gym session I got really sweaty and stinky. I rushed home to do my laundry and while putting clothes I smelled my dirty sweaty clothes and it just turn me on so bad. I couldn’t resist to get a closer smell. Watch me spread my stinky sweaty asshole for you.
May 13, 2019

Triple Threat – Asshole Pussy and Soles

I have SO much fun while I record that I just couldn’t RESIST and had to TOUCH myself!! You’ve been following me, letting yourself go and becoming apart of my world. NOW?! Let’s turn it up!! The TRIFECTA!! Teased by my perfect soles, asshole and let’s make this EXTRA steamy and my first time combined! Masurbation with feet and ass. Will you be capable of handling this INTENSE combination?!
May 13, 2019

Xxxmas Treat Sensual Asshole Spreading

It’s THAT time of the season where you have ZERO privacy, family, in laws, friends, work, cats….LOL..and this TENSION BUILDS!HELP!! ESCAPE!!! HERE I AM! Im rescuing you from THAT existence to enter my world and let go…become mine. Ill sensually seduce you with my perfect tight asshole! Be MESMERIZED by my gorgeous ass. Take this short time we have together and experience freedom from reality! This will get you through the holidays till you have MORE time to truly have fun!