May 13, 2019

Asshole Compilation Volume

I’ve personally selected the most intense clips of the hundreds of clips I have ever shot and I know you’re hungry for my oily, juicy ass compilation. This is an intense 7 part Ass Mind Blowing Oily Series. Make sure you collect all of them.
May 13, 2019

Asshole Compilation Volume 6

This is a SPECIAL, Ass-Tastic Compilation! Visully a treat, you’re hungry for the intense close up! My juicy assole, oily, my creamy goodness oozing as I pleasure myself. This isn’t for the hardcore ass-fan. Especially selected out of hundreds of clips to drive you wild!
May 13, 2019

Bodyworship Leg Press

Something I haven’t done before and want you to role play with me. Things I loved growing up and playing around with expression of strength while having fun. NOW?! Let’s spin his fantasy and make it rated “R” YOU love my legs, my power, my silky soft skin and watching me being immersed into my own self worship. The soft soles combined with strong quads and nice wet pussy.. Cum have fun with me…help my fantasy come true.
May 13, 2019

Muscle Worship Bicep Flexing BodyWorship

With each flex of my bicep you feel a tingling in your balls as they tighten from the power I have over you. You fall to your knees before a Superior Muscle Goddess. I love to be more powerful, have control over you with just a flex of my gorgeous strong and hard bicep. Dare to be sensually teased in this session, give yourself over to me and feel the powerful energy I emit with every cell.
May 13, 2019

Armpits of Femdom Part 1

I have a sweating problem! Always have had it and was mocked in school for it. They used to mock how I smelled and laugh at me. I cannot wear strapless dresses, my shirts I have to trash after they just become overbearing and cant get the smell out of my pits in my long sleeve or short. I HAVE to wear panties with most of the time bc of how I sweat and how stinky my crotch/ass gets. My hands and feet?! Omg! Constantly sweating and even worse when I get cold…ugh..sweaty cold feet are by far the worse!! Today, I woke up and didn’t shower! I got dressed in my gym attire and began my day… Wandering around the stores, the house, outside and went to the gym for a nice leg day and cardio. Snapped a pic to SHOW you how authentic this is and I didn’t stop there.
May 13, 2019

Positive Domme Part 1

This is a truly seductive, mindfvck. It’s an intense Hairy armpit JOI with cum shot onto my armpit…. Can you handle listening to me guiding you while I jerk you off… baby oil glisening armpits…PERFECT, DEVIANT, FUN…