May 14, 2019

Asshole Foot Worship JOI

As you’ve been loyally emptying my store of all my irresistible content. NOW! I’m going to reward you with a special TREAT! Enjoy this INTENSE! LONG! Edging and tease JOI as I guide you through my body from my soles to my asshole…. Can you resist cumming till I instruct you?!
May 14, 2019

Muscle Foot Worship

With each flex of my bicep your pathetic dick grows harder as you know my superiority controls every bit of you. All this power I possess is channeled through all my cells down to my gorgeous feet! Imagine these powerful thighs squeezing around your neck as I force you to properly worship my goddess feet. LOL, sit there like the pathetic worthless loser you are and submit to your Goddess.
May 14, 2019

Stinky Ass Worship Sweaty Panties

WARNING! This is real Post-Gym Panties !! ARE you the TRULY dedicated to your passion for a woman’s scent?! You dream about it, YOU love to stuff these panties as far up your nose as possible as you jerk?! Imagine me lifting in the gym intense! Seeing my sweat mark in my crotch on this gray leggings?! You begin to water in your mouth and you feel a tingling in your balls!
May 14, 2019

Chest Muscle JOI for My Chest Lovers

You LOVE everything about my physique, a true Muscle Goddess whom you’re utterly mesmerized by my grace, my energy and my seductive voice. You LUST for me and you know nothing else will get you off! You are under my magic spell and only these chest muscles can give you an intense release. Watch with focus, dedication to your Goddess and be endlessly teased! I might possibly even deny you ULTIMATE pleasure…you dare to find out? These flexing sessions are real! I am pumped! My muscle contraction and focus is visible in every flex of my perfect muscle. It’s a rarity to find a Goddess such as I, no one else can make you experience and give you sessions like I do.
May 14, 2019

Femdom Armpit Fetish Humiliation JOI Loser

You’re such a loser! The only thing that gets your tiny dick off is watching my gorgeous perfect muscle goddess armpits. I am turned on by you losers worshiping my body as you pathetically jerk your little pin dick to the smooth curves of my armpits. You are eagerly wishing you were worthy enough to EVER get that honor. Which you won’t! So, buy my video, properly worship me, and jerk off your pathetic dick as I gain pleasure with each stroke and laugh!
May 14, 2019

Asshole Compilation Volume 2

I went through the hundreds of clips I have ever shot and took out all the asshole parts just for you. This is a 7 part series. Make sure you collect all of them.